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On This Day: Two moments that gave heartbreak and joy to Indian cricket fans

XtraTime- March 23 2020 ,12:14

Debasis Sen: For many cricket fans in India, March 23 will always be remembered for two matches, one that gave heartbreak while the other which ... Read More

Coronavirus outbreak pushes sports to a back seat in India – A blog by Debasis Sen

XtraTime- March 17 2020 ,05:01

The novel corona virus (COVID-19) has a telling effect on sports in India as well. The global pandemic has led to the cancellation or rescheduling ... Read More

Agenda of the 9 I-league Clubs and Why the Clubs are boycotting the Super Cup- Praveen VC’s blog

XtraTime- March 18 2019 ,18:34

Praveen VC: We the members of the I League – the officially recognized top tier league of our country will stand united face the challenges ... Read More

The things East Bengal needs to do to win the derby – Douglas Silva’s blog

XtraTime- December 14 2018 ,19:29

Douglas Silva's Blog: Another classic Kolkata derby is around the corner. The biggest game in Indian football without a doubt. Today, I will analyze a ... Read More

Gopal Bose: Passing away of a sharp cricket brain

XtraTime- August 26 2018 ,17:30

Debasis Sen, London: It was a very sad news to wake up with on Sunday morning as Gopal da (Gopal Bose) is no more. It was ... Read More

If the history needs to be told, it should be told right!

XtraTime- August 16 2018 ,17:09

Rahul Mukherji: It takes a lot of sacrifice, sweat and determination to wear the national colors and it takes double the effort to become an ... Read More

Martial Arts :The ultimate extracurricular activity for Indian teenagers and kids-Ritwik sharma’s Blog (Techno India)

XtraTime- May 04 2018 ,13:20

Ritwik sharma's Blog:Believe it or not, the most useful extra-curricular activity any Indian teen and kids can have is martial arts training. Here are some ... Read More

INDIAN HOCKEY-Pousali sarkar’s Blog(Techno India)

XtraTime- May 04 2018 ,12:59

Pousali sarkar's Blog:Playing on the hockey field is played, which is played by two teams holding 11-11 players. It has been chosen as the national ... Read More

Performance of India at the Commonwealth Games,2018:A Review-Sagnik Hui’s Blog(Techno India)

XtraTime- May 04 2018 ,12:47

TSagnik Hui's Blog:he year of 2018 was a great one for India at the Commonwealth Games, bringing it as many as 66 medals, which was ... Read More

Arsene Wenger: The Legend- Sayak Mitra’s Blog (Techno India)

XtraTime- May 03 2018 ,12:40

“You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”          The Van gog of EPL. The Last of all the ... Read More

La Liga & its passionate fans – Anoushka Chakraborty’s blog (Techno India)

XtraTime- May 02 2018 ,19:00

Anoushka's Blog: It can become difficult to understand amidst all the stories about players, managers, agents and money in the modern game, but football is ... Read More

Champions train hard, Beer retains them Fast

XtraTime- April 26 2018 ,19:45

Nilay Sharma: A Wise man once said, “Beer makes everything better”, But not in the sporting world as the alcohol doesn’t go well with the ... Read More