Wriddhiman Saha returns to Kolkata, when will he be fit to play for India?

Wriddhiman Saha at Kolkata Airport | Image: XtraTime

Wriddhiman Saha returns to Kolkata after a successful operation. He returned back to the country on Wednesday though, but he went to the NCA to submit his medical report. He had his operation just seven days back. His right hand still hasn’t got the strength back. Thus, he has been following the advice of the doctors and having his rehab. He believes that he will get his strength back after three weeks. He will have to go to NCA again for that. But he doesn’t need to go back to Manchester again.

He is one of the fittest cricketers of the Indian cricket team. But no one has any control on the injuries. That is the reason why he had to return back in the halfway of a few series in last four years. But Saha says, “There is no point of playing with injuries. There is no question of playing without recovering from it. It will be harmful for me as well as for my team.”

Saha seems to be in a sort of dilemma about his comeback. Will he take the same amount of risk while keeping after nursing from this injury? Saha says, “When I am returning as fully fit, then why shall I be circumspect? It will be the same old Wriddhiman Saha. But for that I will have to be completely fit.”

He is the no.1 wicket-keeper for team India. BCCI has done all the possible help on his treatment. Saha went to meet his team-mates during the Edgbaston test match. Saha was saying, “I went to meet on the second day of the test match. But I couldn’t meet with Virat and Shastri.”

As per the BCCI sources, the superman needs at least 4-6 weeks of rest and rehab to get completely fit.

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