World Superbike legend faces fatal accident, hospitalized


Internet Desk: Former motorcycle star, Max Biaggi broke two ribs in a training accident that prompted him being airlifted by helicopter to a hospital in Rome.

It was suspected that he had suffered thoracic and spinal trauma.

His injuries, though not life-threatening, will keep him sidelined for a month so he can recover from his injuries. At present, he is under intensive care.

An update on his condition is expected within 24 hours.

Biaggi may be discharged before the weekend is out and is expected to take a month to recover from his injuries.

The Italian has won four 250cc titles in the mid-’90s and two World Superbike championships.

The 45-year-old was riding in Sagittario track in Latina with two young riders and his team manager at the time of the crash.

That is despite the incident originally being branded ‘Code Red’.

His mechanic is said to have been on the track and said Biaggi was moving his arms and legs.

The crash happened on a track that Biaggi knows well.

He often trains at Sagittario along with young Moto3 riders.

He was expected to take part in a Supermoto event on Sunday.



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