Was the Hockey World League semi final “fixed”?


Internet Desk: India’s Hockey federation has lodged a complaint regarding match-fixing attempts with the FIH.

Hockey India wrote a letter to FIH CEO Jason McCracken in which they raised the match-fixing attempts during the recently concluded World Hockey League Semi Final in London.

Star India hockey player Sardar Singh was called for enquiring by the police reportedly in connection with a sexual assault case, hours after India beat arch-rivals Pakistan 7-1 in the tournament.

Sardar was last year accused by British-Indian hockey player Ashpal Bhogal, who had claimed to be his fiancee, of rape and assault both in India and UK.

The federation, in the letter, has alleged that the complaint and questioning was an attempt to not just affect the player and India’s performance but also influence the result of its match against Pakistan.

“Everyone is aware that cases of match fixing in Cricket have taken place in England concerning Pakistan matches being played in England and after enquiry athletes have been banned and also sentenced to jail for it. Now, if this plague has decided to spread into hockey by adopting a route of bogus criminal complaint and making teams play with less number of players or tired players ( due to travel time a questioning) then it is a serious issue and may affect the credibility of the game of hockey which we all love so much. This plague if it is found to be true in investigation needs to be crushed now,” the letter states.

The letter further adds that there was sufficient circumstantial evidence and seeks investigations into the matter by England Hockey given that the woman concerned making the accusations claimed to be a national level athlete there.

“The lady who is the complainant also claims in her complaints that she is a national level hockey athlete in England, would she then not be under any kind of code of conduct for athletes in England and should England Hockey not be investigating these barrage of false complaints by a hockey athlete against a fellow hockey athlete. Hockey India did not get involved till now taking it as a personal matter between two individuals but now our national team and the sport are being targeted,” read the letter.

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