Star goalkeeper Sandip Nandy felt “insulted”, decides to leave his club halfway

Star goalkeeper Sandip Nandy felt "insulted", decides to leave Southern Samity halfway. | Image Source: The AIFF

Star goalkeeper Sandip Nandy felt “insulted”, decides to leave Southern Samity halfway. | Image Source: The AIFF

Veteran Indian goalkeeper Sandip Nandy decides to leave his club Southern Samity as the former Indian goalkeeper felt “Insulted” by his idol and the present Southern Samity Head Coach Hemanto Dora in the previous game. The former Indian national football team goalkeeper also stopped going to the practice from yesterday. The officials have been trying their best to convince him to get back into the team but Sandip said to , “I have made up my mind that I’m not going to play there anymore. Dignity comes first to me.”

The goalkeeper who led the side into the final stage of the 2nd Division I-League, told, “I have played my heart out to help Southern go the position they are in at the moment. But the way the man whom I considered to be my idol, had insulted me, I have no interest of going back over there to play anymore.” He added, “After playing and achieving so many things in my career, I had no need to play in the 2nd Division I-League. But I got agreed to play because the coach personally requested me.”

Nandy narrated the entire story as he said, “In the first match of the main stage, the game ended 1-1 against Neroca and the goal which was conceded was not because of my fault. Everyone praised my performance. But in the previous game against the Kashmiri club I warmed up before the game, everyone knew I was about to play and out of nowhere the coach dropped me without any notice. As a coach he has every right to do that. But after playing for so long, I at least expected a message from the coach that he wanted to give a chance to the second goalkeeper. I would have appreciated that as well. But he insulted me.” He also said, “When I used to play for East Bengal under Trevor Morgan, the British coach wanted me to sign for another season, but I didn’t, just because the officials insulted me. For me, dignity always comes first.”



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