Sexual assault in Indian Women’s Basketball, huge controversy

Junior basketball player assaulted

Junior basketball player assaulted

Internet Desk: Sexual harassment case is not new in sports but, no one thought it will happen in Kolkata maidan as a national junior basketball player lodged a complaint for sexual harassment against another basketball player who is very close to Basketball Federation officials.“He harassed me in a train of Delhi Metro.” Said the victim in her written impeachment letter. Though, she yet to get justice as the investigation report yet to publish by the Federation. The accused person didn’t come to the ground since the complaint lodged. He also changed his mobile number also and the State Association also not very happy with the investigation process. Rakhi Sangha, a volleyball playing club from South Kolkata protested complaint to State Olympic Association.   APDR (Association For Protection Of Democratic Rights) Claims – Quick investigation report should be published, immediately the abuser will be suspended. Legal action should be taken against the accused, (the Association staff took this memorandum in the absence of the president) and the accused should remove from all the posts. They also claimed that the Association has to establish a Internal Complaints Committee which will investigate this kind of sexual harassment cases and this should be treated as a sexual harassment in the workplace.




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