Revealed: How difficult was it to bring Sony Norde back to Mohun Bagan?

Sony Norde with Bagan officials. | Image: Facebook

Sony Norde or a central defender? What would be ideal for the Mariners as a 6th foreigner? The Head Coach and the officials were in a fix to decide that. At last, the doubts are over, as Mohun Bagan ‘think tank’ finally comes to a decision that they would go for the Haitian winger to fill up the quota of their sixth foreigner, but of course on a condition that the superstar has to undergo a medical and fitness test. Here go the reactions from the Mohun Bagan think tank to :

Sankarlal Chakraborty (Head Coach): The club informed me about Sony. I have given them the ‘go ahead’. Sony too has agreed to go for the fitness and medical test, which he was not agreeing initially. So, I have no problem to welcome him.

Tutu Bose (Director, Mohun Bagan Club India Pvt Ltd): I would like to take this opportunity to thank Srinjoy & Debashis for their effort in finalising the contract with Sony. I would also like to thank Arnab Mukherjee who was in constant touch with Club and Sony.

Srinjoy Bose (Director, Mohun Bagan Club India Pvt Ltd): Well, Sony first wants to undergo the fitness and medical test. Then he will go to the IFA office to sign for us. This tells you about his self-confidence. More importantly, when the name of the player is Sony Norde, you have to take such risks. Moreover, he has been having some serious rehab and that has made him more confident about making a comeback.

Debashis Dutta (Director, Mohun Bagan Club India Pvt Ltd): We were in touch with Sony for about a month or so. In the last four years, we have developed a very nice bonding. As you know, he has already affirmed that he will undergo a medical and fitness test. He has already applied for the Visa. The moment he will get that, we will send him the air ticket.



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