Revealed: Do you know how Kuluthungan got died?

Revealed: Do you know how Kuluthungan got died?

Suman Chakravorty: The death of Kuluthungan has been one the biggest talking point this morning in Indian football. The suspicious road accident has already created a lot of curiosity among the sports fraternity.XtraTime, thus have tried to find exactly what happened behind this terrible incident.

Kuluthungan was on his way back home at Thanjavur around 2 am at night when he had a fatal accident on the road. His former teammate at East Bengal and another Indian football legend M Suresh told, “I still can’t believe the news. There was an award giving ceremony after a U16 football tournament last night. After the final, there was a party as well. He was coming late at home around 2 am at night. His friend called me in the morning and said that there wasn’t much traffic on the road at that time. A bridge is there on the process to be built and I heard he hit straight on that with his bike. He had a lot of bleeding but no one was there to save him as it was too late at night. He was found dead in the morning.”

No doubt, the incident have appeared to be a huge shock for the Indian football fans.

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