OMG! Fan invaded the pitch, find out what he did to Virat Kohli after that

The pitch invader trying to kiss Kohli | Image: Twitter

XtraTime Web Desk: Hyderabad cricket ground offers an embarrassing situation to Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli, as an overenthusiastic fan invades the pitch and Kohli visibly seemed disturbed as he attempts to plant a kiss on his hero’s face.

An overenthusiastic fan breached security at Hyderabad cricket ground on Friday to take a selfie with Virat Kohli, but was stopped before he was able to plant a kiss on the Indian captain’s cheek.

Kohli was fielding at mid-wicket in the opening session of the first day of India’s second Test against the West Indies when the fan ran onto the field and embraced the Indian star.

Security officers overpowered the youngster and hauled him off the field as the crowd roared and clapped. The umpires called for a drinks break as Kohli was visibly upset.

The host broadcaster did not show the incident live, although the fan could be seen getting escorted off the ground as drinks came onto the field of play.

It was the second such incident in the series after Kohli was surrounded by selfie-taking fans in the middle of the first Test in Rajkot last week.

Kohli, 29, is often the subject of adulation, with one fan touching his feet before taking a selfie during an Indian Premier League match earlier this year.



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