Minerva owner Ranjit Bajaj to take legal steps over East Bengal footballer

XtraTime Web Desk:
Ranjit Bajaj, owner of Minerva Punjab will make a criminal case against East Bengal goalkeeper Raksit Daggar. From Punjab he informed XtraTime over the phone, “Rakshit Daggar cheated me. If they hand over the transfer fee of Rs. 2 lakhs within the given time frame, then it is good. Otherwise, I will not leave him.”

It has been said that East Bengal signed Rakshit Daggar in a 10 lakh deal. This is what initially shown to Bajaj and he accordingly accepted the transfer fee from East Bengal. But later on he would come to know that in the agreement papers of Rakshit which East Bengal submitted to the Federation, it has been clearly written there that the Kolkata outfit stroke his deal to a sum of Rs. 19 lakhs. This made Ranjit Bajaj lose his cool. He said, “Why did he do such a thing with me?” I have been shown one agreement paper and to the Federation another paper has been submitted. This is not right. If I do not get the money, I will take legal steps for sure.”

He did not stop here. Ranjit Bajaj also opened about Deepak Devrani transfer saga. The Minerva owner said, “No deal has been made between East Bengal and Deepak. Officially announcing his name won’t do. They can only have him in their squad by paying the transfer fee. For which I have no objection. Right now East Bengal have a lot of money. They are bringing in World Cuppers and inspite of that they can’t even buy a player without paying the appropriate transfer fee.”

After listening to the entire matter, East Bengal Chief Debabrata Sarkar without even mentioning Ranjit Bajaj’s name said, “He can do whatever he wishes. He is not of East Bengal standard. So I really don’t want to waste my time on him. Whatever we wanted to say, we have informed the Federation about it.”



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