Jinder Mahal beats Randy Orton to win WWE SmackDown title at Backlash


Jinder Mahal after winning the WWE Championship belt at the Backlash. Image Source: WWE

Internet Desk: Star wrestler from India origin, Jinder Mahal won his maiden WWE Championship title on Sunday by beating Randy Orton in a pay-per-view event named Backlash.

Mahal, who is a Canadian national, has become only the second wrestler from Indian origin to win a world heavyweight championship.

The Great Khali had won the World Heavyweight Championship earlier in 2007.

Mahal’s win on Sunday sent shockwaves through the pro wrestling world, with many spectators in Chicago were very much surprised by the result of the match.

“I’m very proud to be representing India in the WWE. It makes me proud that I’m representing all of them on such a big scale and I hope I can become WWE Champion and make all of India proud,” Mahal had earlier said ahead of his title match.

Here is the match detail:

WWE Championship

Randy Orton (c) vs. Jinder Mahal

Jinder Mahal is the first man to make his way to the ring, and he’s flanked by the Singh brothers on his way down the aisle. Jinder gets a small reaction out of the crowd. Randy Orton is out next, and Orton is received much more warmly by the Chicago fans.

Orton doesn’t waste any time, jumping Jinder immediately before the bell rings. Orton tosses Mahal out to the floor, and tosses him over the announcer’s table. Orton blasts Jinder with a series of right hands to the face. Orton brings things back into the ring, and the ref asks Jinder if he’d like to continue.

The bell rings and Jinder charges in strong. He pushes off an RKO and bails to the floor. Orton heads out to the floor and takes out Jinder with a clothesline. Orton tosses Jinder back into the ring, and he immediately bails out to the floor. Orton follows and Jinder is able to send him crashing into the LED board on the ring apron. Back in the ring, Jinder traps Orton’s arm before driving him down to the mat and burying his knee in Orton’s back for a two count. Orton shoves Jinder down to the mat, then he stomps at Jinder’s joints. Orton grinds his knee pad into Jinder’s face, then he hits him with a European uppercut before trying for a backslide. Jinder fights it off and he’s able to put Randy down on the mat and score a near fall with a running elbow drop. Jinder goes back to Randy’s arm, wrenching away, but Orton fights up to his feet and out of the hold. Orton tosses Jinder out through the ropes, then he plants him on the announcer’s table with a huge belly to back suplex.

Orton brings things back into the ring, and Jinder is able to turn things around with a series of knee drops to Orton’s face. Mahal clamps on a modified rear chin lock, trapping Orton’s arm, but Orton is able to fight up to this feet. Jinder puts him right back down to the mat, but Orton backs things into the corner when Mahal is forced to break the hold. Jinder sends Orton into the corner and charges in after him, but Orton moves and Jinder connects shoulder first with the ring post. Orton picks up Jinder and pulls him up to the top rope in the corner. Orton tries for the superplex, but Mahal fights it off. Orton is able to cause Mahal to crotch himself on the top turnbuckle. Orton tries for the superplex again, and is able to connect this time.

Orton goes for the pin, but Jinder is able to kick out at two. Orton blasts Jinder with a couple of big right hands, and Jinder responds with wrenching the arm. Orton hits a couple of quick clotheslines and a snap powerslam on Jinder. Orton connects with a fallaway slam, but he can’t keep Jinder down for three. Jinder is able to take Orton to the mat, but Orton doesn’t stay down long, connecting with his across the back backbreaker. Jinder crawls out to the apron, and Orton brings him back into the ring with the suspension DDT. Orton drops down to the mat, and Mahal bails from the ring.

Orton heads out to the floor, and the Singh brothers attempt to keep him away. Orton beats them up, and Jinder slams Orton shoulder first into the ring post a couple of times. Mahal jumps back into the ring right into the RKO, but Orton is still too damaged to make the pin right away. The Singh brothers pull Mahal from the ring. Orton tosses one of the Singh brothers over the announcer before planting the other with a belly to back suplex on the table. Orton plants the other brother with a belly to back suplex on the announcer’s table, then he plants both Singh brothers with suspension DDTs. Jinder sneaks in from behind and plants Orton with a big slam for the three count.

Winner and NEW WWE Champion: Jinder Mahal

After the match, Jinder Mahal grabs the WWE Championship and holds it up high on the corner. JBL had to repeat it on commentary that Jinder Mahal was the new champion. Mahal leaves the ring, walks in the crowd and stands up again holding up the title. Big reaction from the crowd in Chicago with many fans in complete disbelief.



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