ICC CWC 2019: We are a stronger side than Champions Trophy side, says Kohli

ICC CWC 2019: We are a stronger side than Champions Trophy side, says Kohli

XtraTime Web Desk: India skipper Virat Kohli thinks that his side has learnt from their mistakes which they did in 2017 Champions Trophy as they lost to their arch-rivals Pakistan in the big final. Ahead of facing South Africa in their first match in Southampton Kohli stated,”The lessons from the Champions Trophy — is to play the cricket we know how to play. In the final, the better side won. We have plugged the gaps. We brought in wrist spinners to take wickets in the middle overs. We are a stronger side than Champions Trophy side.”

The 30-year-old also expressed confidence in his team and said they have a good chance of winning their group stage games.

“The first week has been a gradual progress. A couple of lopsided games, a couple of one-sided games. There is a lot to learn about composure. The teams that are more composed have better chances of winning games, have better chances of handling pressure,” the Indian skipper expressed.

“We need to bring our experience into play to make better decisions tomorrow. The team that can handle pressure better will win the tournament,” he added.

Rabada criticised Kohli as childish in a recent Indian Premier League on-field spat – but India’s talisman captain refused to bite back, instead pledging to discuss the matter with the Proteas paceman personally.

Kohli’s move to treat Rabada’s aggression with kindness entirely deflated any tactic to unsettle the superstar batsman, with the 30-year-old India skipper unflappable ahead of Wednesday’s tournament bow.

“Well I’ve played against Kagiso many times, and if anything needs to be discussed we can discuss it man to man,” said Kohli.

“Whether Ngidi plays or Steyn plays or not, Rabada is always going to be a world-class bowler and a threat to any side he plays against. On his day he can go through any team.

“In the past we have been able to handle it, but that’s only because we’ve been respectful of his skills but also assured of our batting.

“You have to be respectful but have that self-belief in yourself as well. And that balance will be very crucial. We always need to respect that and find ways of scoring against him.”

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