“I don’t want to see certain faces in the Indian team for the next T20 WC” Virender Sehwag.

Xtra Time Web Desk: Numerous former players criticized the Indian team after the shameful loss against England. Former players are criticizing the senior players who are not performing well. Extending the list Virender Sehwag also commented on the senior players of the team. “I won’t talk about mindset and all but I would want to see personnel changes. I don’t want to see certain faces in the next World Cup. It happened in the 2007 T20 World Cup also. The stalwarts playing for all these years did not go to that World Cup. A bunch of youngsters went and nobody had any expectations from them and I would want to see a similar sort of team picked for the next T20 World Cup, nobody will expect them to win but that team will be for the future,” Sehwag said on Cricbuzz. Virender  Sehwag wants a reformation of the team as it happened in 2007.

                                                                      India is unable to win a single ICC Trophy after Ms Dhoni left captainship and India is hosting the next ODI World Cup in 2023. Probably these reasons are forcing these former players to suggest a reformation within the team. What will be the future of these senior players who are not performing well? This question is roaming all around the Cricket world. There is another prediction that India might have different coaches for different formats.