How Pakistani Chacha turned out to be Krishna for Indian fan Sudhir

Sudhir Gautam with Pakistan’s Bashir Chacha in Dubai to watch the Asia Cup. Image Source: XtraTime

Debasis Sen, Dubai: Two fans from India and Pakistan presented an emotional picture of solidarity here in Dubai on Monday. Pakistan’s Bashir Chacha and Sudhir Krishna of India showed to the world how their friendship can defy all odds. They presented to the world that amidst the cross border tensions between the two nations, there still exists humanity, love and brotherhood.

Both Sudhir and Bashir are now in Dubai to cheer their respective teams in Asia Cup. But had it not been the help extended by Pakistani Bashir, Sudhir’s dream of coming to Dubai would not have seen broad daylight. Sudhir didn’t have enough money to travel to Dubai and lost all hopes until he got a call from Bashir. Chicago based Bashir called up Sudhir to enquire about his plans to travel to Dubai. After coming to know that Sudhir’s plans to travel was in jeopardy, he did not waste a single moment to extend all his help and support of realizing his dream.

Bashir presented himself as Lord Krishna to Sudhir whose last name is also Krishna. “It’s pure love. You know money will come and go with Allah’s grace. I told Sudhir you just come here and I will take care of everything. I am not a rich person but my heart is as big as an ocean. If I help you, Allah will be happy,” said Bashir Chacha while talking with

As we all know from the epic how Lord Krishna saved Draupadi from the embarrassment at the hands of Kauravas , Bashir also appeared as a messiah to help Sudhir fulfill his dreams.

” I arranged my visa and Chacha sent me the return flight tickets. Now I am here to cheer my Team India. Chacha is taking care of all my expenses,” said an emotional Sudhir looking at Bashir.

Leaving aside this beautiful picture of friendship, there will be cross border tensions ahead of Wednesday’s clash between both the two countries.

As Sudhir is eyeing a revenge for the Champions Trophy final loss last year, Bashir on the other hand is confident that the new look team under Sarfaraz will continue to dominate here in Dubai. ” We lost the Champions Trophy final against them last year but 2018 is ours. We will take revenge against them here and Asia Cup is ours,” said Sudhir.

Chacha was prompt in his reply. According to Bashir, “India and Pakistan game will happen every year. Last time we won and this time I will be happy if you win the game.”

The two friends presented a perfect example of humanity which can be a learning lesson for everyone especially the politicians of both countries. India and Pakistan are two parts of the same body. Its love, not hatred that can bring both nations together. If Chacha and Sudhir can do this, why can’t the government of the two nations start thinking like them?