Exclusive: This noble gesture from Sourav Ganguly during nation-wide lockdown will definitely win hearts

Exclusive: This noble gesture from Sourav Ganguly during nation-wide lockdown will definitely win hearts

Anilava Chatterjee: Former India captain and BCCI President Sourav Ganguly have taken a noble initiative to organize rice for the poor and needy people who are being kept in the schools across Bengal including Kolkata during the coronovirus outbreak. In a letter written to the Kolkata Police Commissioner Anuj Sharma, the BCCI President has expressed his willingness to organize the rice for the affected people in association with the Kolkata Police. The West Bengal Government has made arrangements for accommodation in various state government schools for the people affected during this pandemic.

Sourav Ganguly along with Lal Baba Rice has come forward to provide free rice worth Rs 50 lacs to the needy people who have been put in government schools for safety and security.

The BCCI President also shared a video message on his social media platforms to create an awareness about the do’s and don’ts during the nationwide lockdown due to the COVID-19 outbreak. He urged everyone to follow directives of the government judiciously and also asked them to be sensible and stay at home as it is the only option to keep them safe.
In his video message, the former India captain said, “To my fellow countrymen and citizens around the world. These are very testing times in our lives but we will fight it. Listen to what every state government says… listen to what every health department says… listen to the directives of the central government. It’s important to stay at home… isolation is very very important,”

“Be safe and be healthy but most importantly be sensible. Don’t try out things and don’t think nothing is going to happen to you. When it comes we will have nowhere to go.

“So as I said, isolate yourselves. Be within the closed doors. And I know it’s tough and not easy but that’s the only solution because no one will know how the virus could get into our bodies and nobody knows what’s the cure. We will fight this and get over this,” he added.

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