Exclusive: This is what AIFF’s Integrity officer said regarding Chennai vs Minerva match

Sabyasachi Bagchi: AIFF already dismissed all the allegations made by East Bengal supporters regarding the match between Chennai City FC and Minerva Punjab FC which held on March 9. But after match commissioner’s report AIFF integrity officer Javed Shiraz admitted that there is something fishy in the match commissioner’s report and beside that he also assured that strict action will be taken if someone would found guilty.

xtratime.in correspondent talked with Mr. Shiraz over the phone as he said,” East Bengal supporters have collected a lott of documents against Minerva Punjab and they have already sent those documents to AFC and FIFA. They are also taking it very seriously but the process will take time as players of both the teams went for vacation. We will discuss about it during the Super Cup and then the investigation process will start.”

The video clippings and paper cuttings of that match has already been sent to FIFA. The Red and Gold supporters are waving their protest in the social media. If any footballer found guilty what punishment he will receive? Shiraz said, “A report has been sent to AFC and ‘Sports Rader’ which is a London based company. If anyone found guilty he will be punished in a significant way. He can have temporary ban and even lifelong ban can be imposed on him or on the club.”

Though the federation is yet to say anything about the issue.



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