Exclusive: Sachin was more compact than Kohli, says Curtly Ambrose

Exclusive: Sachin was more compact than Kohli, says Curtly Ambrose

Debasis Sen, Antigua: West Indies fast bowling legend Sir Curtly Ambrose still has the same physique even after leaving International cricket in 2000. The 55 year old tear away fast bowler, who made batsmen’s life miserable during his playing days was seen in action at the Coolidge Cricket ground for Antigua legends team against a West Indies All Stars XI. Soon after the match, the 2.01m tall legendary fast bowler sat down in the middle of the ground for a freewheeling chat with www.xtratime.in .Here are the excerpts:

XT: How do you see the first test match turning out to be in Sir Vivian Richards stadium beginning on Thursday?

Ambrose: It’s not going to be that easy for the West Indies. India is a good team. They won the ODIs and T20Is series. And it’s World Test Championship. So they would like to get some points. As for the West Indies, they definitely need to get some points to get things underway. It should be interesting. India is the favourites, but the West Indies can spring a few surprises. Talking about the World Test Championship, I think it’s a good initiative. There’s something to play for in every match. It’s something different and so it’s going to be very exciting.

XT: For India to do well in the five day format in last one and half years, a lot of credit should go to the Indian bowlers led by Jasprit Bumrah. What is your take?

Ambrose: They have a very good attack led by Jasprit Bumrah. He’s someone who I admire. He’s someone who’s very different, with a different action and all, but he’s very effective. He’s deceptive and quick. You need to a good bowling unit to get those 20 wickets to win a Test match. But at the same time, it has to be a team effort. You need the batsmen to put the runs on the board. So it has to be a team effort, and India I think have a balanced team, and it has been their team effort that has seen them winning matches.

XT: Virat Kohli has proved himself to be the best batsman across all formats. What is your assessment?

Ambrose: He is a wonderful cricketer; I think he’s the best batsman across all three formats. It’s my opinion, and the record shows. He’s been leading India well too. Whenever he scores runs, India is a dangerous side.

XT: You have bowled against Sachin Tendulkar and now watching Virat bat. Do you see any difference between the two?

Ambrose: No. The only thing I like to say is that they are attractive to watch. I would pay to watch them. They are two great but different batsmen. Sachin, I think was more compact, but Virat plays a lot more strokes.

XT: Who according to you is the best batsman in this era – Virat, Smith or Williamson?

Ambrose: I don’t normally do this. I don’t like to compare batsmen, bowlers or teams .Everyone are great in their own way. I think Steve Smith is a standalone in the Australia team. He’s not attractive to watch say like Kohli or Kane Williamson, but he’s really a rock out there. And they are three wonderful batsmen, who I would always like to watch.

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