Exclusive: Prabir Das opens up about his transfer move for the next season!

Exclusive: Prabir Das opens up about his transfer move for the next season!

Gopal Roy: Prabir Das, no doubt had been one of the stalwart performers of the season for the Champions ATK. The transfer market is yet to open, but he has already started receiving offers from top clubs like his present team, East Bengal and the other ISL teams. In an interview with XtraTime.in , Prabir spoke on different aspects of life.

XT: The country is locked down at the moment. How are you spending your time?

Prabir: Well, the Central Government has called the 21 days’ lock down, for our safety measures only. Hence, I cannot go to the field as well for the fitness drills. It’s like lying on my couch all the time. But I am spending some quality time with my family. I’m also doing some cooking at times and have a plan to cook biriyani for my family.

XT: How tough was the time when you used to have the rehabilitation phase?

Prabir: I used to have different training modules to enhance my muscle power. At Bengaluru, I used to start for the training at 6am and return at 9pm. I used to sleep at the training centre only. I used to carry some boiled food with me. The span lasted around six months like this.

XT: So, Habas again appeared to be the lucky coach for ATK?

Prabir: He is a top coach. No doubt about that. We won our third title under him. For me, it has been my second title after the first one in 2016. But I played hardly 7-8 matches that season. But this time I played 20 matches and that too after recovering from the injury.

XT: Who was the toughest opposition this time?

Prabir: All teams were good. Else Chennaiyin couldn’t had played the final from that position. Goa, Kerala, Bengaluru too had decent squads.

XT: The ISL is over. Your contract too ends with them. Where will you sign?

Prabir: As per gratitude, I should sign for ATK. In fact, I might do it as well. Still I’m taking a week’s time. For different reasons… The two clubs too are getting merged. If I sign here, it will be a kind of homecoming for me as well at my former club.

XT: Did you have any other offer in this season?

Prabir: I have offers from East Bengal. But no one knows about their future plans. It’s not sure if they would play in the ISL as well. A few other clubs are interested in me as well.

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