David Warner showed empty pockets to English fans. Find why?

David Warner showed empty pockets to English fans. Find why?

XtraTime Web Desk: At the time when David Warner & Cameron Bancroft came to bat on day 1 of the first Ashes Test, they were bowed by the English fans, they sported masks mocking them, and even had sandpaper in their hands to remind the trio of what they did last year. 

And since that very moment, there has been no respite for either of them, copping extremely unpleasant songs, chants, and gestures from the English crowd ball after ball. In one such moment today, as Warner was fielding in the boundary, the English crowd started chanting “He’s got sandpaper in his hands”, making sure they (once again) reminded the 32-year-old about the infamous ball-tampering saga of 2018. 

However, this time around, Warner, who had absorbed everything all this while, decided to do something different. In an extremely hilarious moment, as the crowd at the Hollies stand of the ground continued to sing the song, Warner decided to play along to it, as he sarcastically emptied his pockets, almost cheekily gesturing to the crowd that he indeed had nothing in his pockets, and has come to the ground with no ill-intentions.

The response from Warner invoked loud cheers and applause from the crowd, who despite giving him a harsh treatment throughout the match, acknowledged his actions to be extremely sportive and funny. While the constant booing from the crowd is never great to see, moments like these make everyone appreciate the player, as after all the game is all about having fun on the field. 

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