CSKCL reveals Team Name, Logo, Captain and Coach of the new Franchise in the SA20 League

Joburg Super Kings Logo

Xtra Time Web Desk: On Thursday, 1st September,2022 Chennai Super Kings Cricket Limited, which has acquired a team based out of Johannesburg in SA20 League, revealed the team name, logo, captain and the coach of the franchise.

Captain’s Name: Faf du Plessis
Head Coach: Stephen Fleming

The announcement was made during an interaction session involving K.S. Viswanathan, CEO of CSKCL, Graeme Smith, League Commissioner SA20, Joburg Super Kings captain Faf du Plessis, Joburg Super Kings head coach Stephen Fleming and Jono Leaf-Wright, CEO of The Wanderers, with veteran broadcaster Mark Nicholas being the host. The logo of the Joburg Super Kings was revealed through a special video with the Captain Faf Du Plessis’ voice to the fore.

K.S. Viswanathan, CEO of CSKCL, said: “We have been looking for opportunities for the past few years to get into outside franchise cricket. Cricket South Africa’s league is a very good opportunity. When they launched the league, we were very keen because of the fact that we have always had a good relationship with Cricket South Africa and also the fact that we enjoy a very good support base in South Africa.”

Graeme Smith, League Commissioner SA20, said: “We are very excited that we have been able to attract the likes of the Super Kings into South Africa. I mean they are an amazing franchise with a huge fanbase and the type of people you know with whom we can build a sustainable future with. So, from our perspective we are very excited and we are looking forward to January (2023) and there is a lot of work that is taking place behind the scenes…Cricket South Africa has made a long-term commitment into this tournament…cleared the ICC window for 10 years now…So, we are very excited about the opportunity that this league is going to bring to our game in South Africa.”

Faf du Plessis, captain of the Joburg Super Kings, said: “I have an extremely lucky and long relationship with Chennai. When the opportunity presented itself again, I was extremely happy with that. I think it’s going to be (the SA20 league) incredibly crucial for the sustainability of South African cricket. I’ve almost been seeing firsthand the difference that league cricket can have an impact on a country’s cricket. Certainly been involved with the IPL for the last 10-11 years, you see the difference that it makes to the young generation and the young players, especially in that Indian cricket team and environment. That knowledge and wisdom and experience that you can share across with your young talent in your own country, I think that’s extremely important for the growth of the national team. The way that they’ve set up the league now looks like it’s going to be one of the big leagues across the globe. I’ve been lucky as a player and as a captain to have some really good leaders in my time. Starting under Graeme (Smith), and then moving to AB de Villiers. Then moving by time across to Chennai Super Kings, where Stephen Fleming was really influential at the beginning of my leadership journey. To be around MS Dhoni, to just watch and observe exactly what he does on and off the field…I’m extremely grateful to have learned from so many great players and leaders in the game. In terms of leadership, MS Dhoni has done the most. He’s the best guy to learn from.”

Stephen Fleming, coach of the Joburg Super Kings, said: “My last memory of being at the Wanderers was with Chennai (Super Kings), winning the Champions League. I remember it very fondly, it’s a wonderful ground. First thing I remember was the support that we got through South Africa, which was a surprise for all of us. It just shows the passion of the South African cricket fans to follow good cricket and we like to produce that. We’re really hoping we can get good support from Johannesburg and around the country. That’s a big part of what Chennai is about.”

Jono Leaf-Wright, CEO of The Wanderers, said: ‘’To have an iconic brand like the Chennai Super Kings back Johannesburg now and really officially launch the Joburg Super Kings is something really exciting for us and I think, if anyone looks at the IPL brands holistically, they will see the Chennai Super Kings as probably the most iconic IPL brand. Now, they have joined with probably South Africa’s most iconic stadium, I mean the heart of Johannesburg and I am certainly very excited about that. We believe that there is great alignment with regards to our values.”