Can Hima snatch a medal for India in Olympics? Read what PT Usha and Milkha Singh says

Sabyasachi Bagchi: Legendary athlete P.T Usha and Milkha Singh failed to snatch medal but new sensation of India Hima Das made them proud as she bagged the gold in 400 m run for the first time.

Indians now dreaming to grab the gold in the Olympics but it will be a tough task for Hima. talked with Milkha Singh he said, “First of all, we want to congratulate her coach, mentor and his parents’. Her parents deserve an extra honor, to conceive such an accomplished daughter. I want to congratulate him for his future. ”

Hima finished the race in just 51.46 seconds. Meri Josh created the World record by finishing 400 m in just 48.25 seconds in the 1996 Atlanta Olympic. Can Hima manage to grab a Gold for India? Milkha said, “Why not? There are still two years left in the Olympics. If Himer’s coach guide her with tight schedule then it is certainly possible to win a medal. My coach used to practice me like this. If you want to win gold, you have to work hard. Hima have to fight against the athletes of America, Kenya, Canada and Uganda is there.

Another legend P.T Usha said, “In this educated society, girls are being disgraced in different places of the country. Hima’s success was the answer to that assault. Those who exploit women may now open their eyes. Besides, other women will also feel stressed by the success of Hima. So this victory was needed very much.”

Nipan Das, like Usha, has become very emotional about the success of the student. Nipan Das is coaching Hima for only one and a half years. In January last year, Hima went to Guwahati to join a camp. Within a short time, he was able to recognize Hima’s talent. Nipan said on the telephone, “There was a time she didn’t had money to buy the spike of her shoe. He used to borrow spike from others, for the practice matches, the girl made history in such a short time because, she never fears the opponent. And that’s the reason for her success. ”

Nipan said she would go to Finland from Finland. Although his mentor is presently in Guwahati but after achieving such a great success, the student did the first phone with Nippon. Nippon said, “In the last 80 meters, she ran very hard and got the success.”



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