BCCI set to introduce the concept of substitute ‘Impact Player’ in Syed Mustaq Ali Trophy & IPL

Xtra Time Web Desk: In order to make the 20 over format even more competitive, the Board of Cricket in India is set to add the concept of ‘Impact Player’ in domestic T20 competition starting with the Syed Mustaq Ali Trophy. The idea is to make the format more attractive, dynamic and interesting not only for the viewers but also participating teams.

What exactly is ‘Impact Player’ concept? The participating teams could replace one member of its playing XI during a T20 match. The idea has drawn from the rules of substitution from other games, like football, rugby, basketball among others.

The basic idea behind allowing one substitute player per team is to add a new tactical/strategic dimension to the game. It has already been tried out in Big Bash League where an ‘X-Factor Player’ is named as the 12th player on the team sheet. He can come into the game beyond the 10th over of the first innings and replace any player who is yet to bat, or has bowled no more than one over. A replacement player can bowl a maximum allotment of four overs, even if the player they’ve replaced has bowled.

For the record, BCCI will experiment the new concept during the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy this season starting from October 11 to November 5. BCCI will also implement this new concept during the next IPL season

As per the rules the ‘Impact Player’ can be introduced in the match any time before the completion of 14th over of both innings in a match. After the introduction, the new player can bat and may bowl a full allotment of four overs.

There cannot be an Impact Player if the match is reduced to 10-over a side.

Let’s look at the Impact Player Rules:

– Outside of the Playing XI, four substitutes have to be named at the toss. One of the named substitutes can be employed as an Impact Player.

– Only one Impact Player is allowed per team per match. The choice of using the Impact Player is up to the teams.

– The Impact Player can be introduced any time before the completion of the 14th over of either innings in a match.

– The onfield or the fourth umpire has to be informed about the introduction of the Impact Player before the end of the current over by the Captain/Head Coach/Team Manager.

– The player replaced by the Impact Player cannot take part for the remainder of the match. That player will also not be permitted to return as a substitute fielder.

– Should a player be injured while fielding in the middle of an over, the playing conditions under Rule 24.1 – Substitute Fielders. The injured player may be replaced by the Impact Player mid over and the injured player cannot take participate for the rest of the match. Otherwise, the Impact Player can be used only after the completion of the Over.

– In case the Impact Player is used and subsequently an injury occurs, the same playing conditions allowing substitutes will be applicable.

– The bowling team can introduce the impact player after the end of an over or mid over in case of an injury to a fielder.

– A team cannot use an Impact Player as a replacement for a bowler suspended for any breach of law.

– Impact Players cannot be used in a match in which both innings have been reduced to less than overs per side.