Asian Volleyball Confederation throws its weight behind Avadhesh Chaudhary, authorises him to call the shots in VFI

AVC throws its weight behind VFI. Image Source: Xtra Time

AVC throws its weight behind VFI. Image Source: Xtra Time

New Delhi, 7th March: The Asian Volleyball Confederation (AVC), the apex body of Volleyball activities in Asia, today issued the letter in support of Chaudhary Avadhesh Kumar, President VFI.

 The letter issued by Mr. Shanrit Wongprasert, AVC Secretary General to Avadhesh Kumar and Ramavtar Jakhar, confirmed AVC’s stand on the ongoing dispute between the President and suspended Secretary General. AVC has legally recognized Avadhesh as President and as a sole authority to call an Emergent Executive Committee Meeting. AVC also said that all the decisions of executive committee duly authorized by the President should take effect.

 Commenting on the letter from AVC, Avadhesh said, “I am honoured to have received the support of AVC. It’s a big boost for us. Its like the truth has won. Ramavtar has broken all rules and gone on record in front of media against the constitution of VFI. He has claimed support of 22 state units, which was a total false statement. I am glad that AVC has approved of my decisions to disrobe the tainted members of their powers and positions.”

 Avadhesh added that the committee put in place during the Nagpur Emergent meeting will govern the VFI in more effective manner and all procedures would be transparent.

  Newly elected Interim Secretary General K Nandkumar, also congratulated the AVC to make a sensible opinion and sharing it with VFI.  He said, “as per the constitution of the Federation, Secretary General has to work according to the guidance given by the president and non vice-versa. Jakhar has overstepped this time and again and there was no need to call his own meeting in Chennai when the President had called for a meeting in Nagpur. If Jakhar had the majority of members with him he should have come to Nagpur with them. Also, he wrote a letter to Central Asian Zone to call off a prestigious Central Asian Zone Championship in Nagpur. This was unethical, as he had no approval from the VFI or the President to do so. He needs to answer all the points; he cannot run away from the moves, which brought such a huge disrepute to the Federation.”

 To regularise the decisions taken in the Emergent Executive Meeting at Nagpur the president has called the General House meeting at Hotel Inderlok, Dehradun on 15th of April, he termed the meeting called by Jakhar on 11th March in Chennai as absolutely illegal.

The Interim Treasurer Mr. Prandeep Singh Gill said, “apart from trying to drag Federation into such a controversy, the custodian of the accounts need to give the reply on the every penny withdrawn from the account with proper justification. The Federation is not going to pay any money for the unauthorized travel to any championship and we will not pay for any unauthorised meetings called by Jakhar or Murugan.”

 Mohd Akram Khan, Secretary, Chattisgarh Volleyball Association who is responsible to conduct the AVC Cup in September 2016 in Raipur said, “It’s a great news that AVC has issued a letter in support of the President. It will allow all of us to work smoothly without getting worried about people who tried to bring disrespect to the federation.”


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