Mohun Bagan fans who love me, should come & cheer for Southern Samity: Odafa Okolie

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Odafa requests all his Mohun Bagan fans to support Southern Samity | Image: XtraTime

Kolkata: He is still a superstar. The three times’ highest goal scorer in the history of I-League, the man who scored thirteen hat-tricks in the history of the premier football competition in India has joined Southern Samity a few days back. The Nigerian goal-machine spoke to correspondent Sabyasachi Bagchi today to reveal the dreams and things the King Cobra wants to achieve this season. Have a read:

XT: What would be your mission this season?
Odafa: The only mission is to help my team to qualify for the I-League. We all are training by focusing on that only.

XT: You have always been a big star in Indian football. Where had you been in the previous season?
Odafa: It’s not that I didn’t have clubs. At least two-three clubs were interested. But honestly, I wanted to spend some quality time with my family. I went to Dubai and Thailand as well with my family to enjoy the holidays.

XT: You have always been under the limelight of the media. What influenced you to choose a second division club?
Odafa: I don’t have any regret. I am a professional player and my job is to go and score goals for my side, irrespective of the club where I’m playing.

XT: Who is the biggest contender to win this I-League? What do you think about the success of Aizawl FC?
Odafa: East Bengal, Mohun Bagan and Aizawl FC all have equal chances to win it. But the reason for Aizawl FC’s success is undoubtedly Khalid Jamil.

XT: What do you think about the differences between the Mohun Bagan side you played a few years back and the team they have right now?
Odafa: Well, I shouldn’t comment on it. But what all I can say is that the team Bagan have right now, is lot stronger than the team they had when I used to play for them. In my time, Bagan won a lot of games on my individual performances.

XT: What do you think about Sony Norde?
Odafa: Fantastic player and to me, he is the finest foreigner among the players who are playing in India.

XT: You played both in Kolkata and Goa. What’s the difference between the two football crazy cities?
Odafa: The pressure is more in Kolkata. The media too puts a lot of pressure, they criticize too much and that too on subtle things.

XT: Do you still miss the Kolkata Derby?
Odafa: Yes, I do.(Promptly) I have always enjoyed playing that game. It’s always been a special memory. I can remember that I helped my team to win matches in the derby.

XT: Your duel with Okpara had always been a classic battle. Are you still in touch with him?
Odafa: We are still in touch. We belong from the same province in Nigeria. (Laughs)

XT: Still a lot of Mohun Bagan fans want you to be back in the side. What message you have for them?
Odafa: I will request all those Bagan fans to support Southern from now on. I would be requesting them to come to our training sessions and matches to cheer for us.

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